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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Dec-2017 BlockChain a new foundation for building trustworthy and secure distributed applications (DAPP's) of the future Mueller, Paul; Rizk, Amr; Steinmetz, Ralf
9-Jun-2017 10. DFN-Forum Kommunikationstechnologien Müller, Paul; Neumair, Bernhard; Reiser, Helmut; Dreo Rodosek, Gabi
9-Jun-2017 A Novel Approach Towards Sustainable Testbeds: ToMaTo on CloudLab Müller, Paul; Schwerdel, Dennis
9-Jun-2017 Providing Information Centricity in Today’s Internet via Software-Defined Networking and In-Network Processing Gerhard, Tim; Schwerdel, Dennis; Müller, Paul
9-Jun-2017 Container-based virtualization technologies Wüst, Sebastian; Schwerdel, Dennis; Müller, Paul
2-Jun-2017 A Novel Approach Towards Sustainable Testbeds: ToMaTo on CloudLab Mueller, Paul
24-Nov-2016 Discovering Resources in Federated Clouds with Millions of Nodes: The SwarmCloud Approach Gerhard, Tim; Schwerdel, Dennis; Müller, Paul
3-Nov-2016 Creating a Worldwide Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) Network Mambretti, Joe; Chen, Jim; Yeh, Fei; Ge, Jingguo; You, Junlin; Li, Tong; de Laat, Cees; Grosso, Paola; Liu, Te-Lung; Luo, Mon-Yen; Nakao, Aki; Mueller, Paul; van der Pol, Ronald; Reed, Martin; Stanton, Michael; Yang, Chu-Sing
3-Nov-2016 Europe’s Mission in Next-Generation Networking With special emphasis on the German-Lab Project Mueller, Paul; Stefan, Fischer
3-Nov-2016 Sustainability of Testbeds: Software defined Testbeds Mueller, Paul
May-2016 9. DFN-Forum Kommunikationstechnologien Müller, Paul; Neumair, Bernhard; Reiser, Helmut; Dreo Rodosek, Gabi
25-Mar-2016 Software-Defined Networking (SDN): A new approach to manage distributed resources Mueller, Paul
7-Jan-2016 ToMaTo a Virtual Research Environment for Large Scale Distributed Systems Research Müller, Paul; Schwerdel, Dennis; Cappos, Justin
6-Jan-2016 An Advanced International Distributed Programmable Environment for Experimental Network Research: “Slice Around the World” Demonstration Baldine, Ilia; Bavier, Andy; Campbell, Scott; Chase, Jeff; Chen, Jim; de Laat, Cees; Kim, Dongkyun; Liu, Te-Lung; Fernandes, Luis; Lou, Mon-Yen; Mambretti, Joe; McGeer, Rick; Mueller, Paul; Nakao, Aki; Ott, Max; van der Pool, Ronald; Reed, Martin; Ricci, Rob; Smeliansky, Ruslan; Salvador, Marcos Rodrigo; Shin, Myung-Ki; Stanton, Michael; Yu, Jungling
6-Jan-2016 TransCloud: a distributed environment based on dynamic networking McGeer, Rick; Mambretti, Joe; Mueller, Paul; Matthews, Chris; Pearson, Chris; Coady, Yvonne; Chen, Jim; Yeh, Fei; Bavier, Andy; Yuen, Marco; Blaine, Jessica; AuYoung, Alvin; Snoeren, Alex; Cappos, Justin
6-Jan-2016 OpenFlow: A new Paradigm for Campus Networks Mueller, Paul
1-Sep-2015 G-Lab a testbed for distributed systems research based on the topology oriented infrastructure ToMaTo Mueller, Paul
3-Jul-2015 ToMaTo on CloudLab Schwerdel, Dennis; Sutrisna, Asep Noor Mukhdari; Mueller, Paul
1-Jul-2015 Software defined Testbed Mueller, Paul
Jul-2015 SDN / SDX Testbed with ToMaTo Mueller, Paul
21-Jun-2015 ToMaTo on CloudLab Mueller, Paul
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